Thursday 7 February 2013

What’s in my bag?

I don’t know about you but I love reading WIMB posts and watching the vlogs so I decided to give you guys a glimpse in to my gorgeous new Zara shopper. I was very happy when this beaut arrived yesterday (very quickly I may add - top marks on Zara’s delivery!) Don’t you just love the feeling of transferring all of your items in to a new handbag – it’s like having a good clear out and making a fresh start, you also discover random things that were hiding at the bottom that you had completely forgotten about.
I’m the type of girl that gets bored easily, I am also the type of girl that loves variety - both of these along with a slight shopping addiction have resulted in me having a huge handbag collection. Shoes and bags are my favourite accessories and I cannot resist buying new ones whenever I spot ones that take my fancy.  
My latest purchase is this lush, nude shopper from Zara Link. The bag is very spacious for me as I usually choose small/medium sized bags - sometimes bigger ones are too bulky to carry around on a day to day basis - but I love this one and can fit so much in it! Today I used it to carry my usual items as well as my gym stuff so only had to use one bag instead of 2 – result!

Handbag essentials
The first handbag essential that I carry with me all the time is my purse.  As well as bags I have a large purse collection and I like to change these often too. My current purse is a favourite of mine. I bought it a while ago from River Island. It has lots of card compartments which is great as I have a variety of different store and loyalty cards.
My leopard print phone case is from Asos,  it’s great as it protects my I phone and makes it easy to find in my bag, I love leopard print in small doses as too much can be tacky.
My Make-up bag is a DKNY one which was bought for me as a Christmas gift last year and I love it. In there I have foundation, moisturiser, mascara, face powder and lip stick/lip gloss. It also contains some hair bobbles, dental floss and a mini perfume too in case they are required. I carry my make-up with me most days because you never know when you need a touch up!  
Living in England means an umbrella is essential as the weather is extremely unpredictable. I do a lot of walking and I am not a fan of getting my hair wet (such a girl) therefore I always carry my trusty brolly.
I like to listen to my music so I always carry my iPod and headphones. I use my MP3 player in the gym, music really motivates me and a work out would be almost impossible without this! I usually use my phone to listen to music when travelling but as the battery runs out so quickly I also have an iPod for back up.
I love to read so I always have a book with me. I am currently reading The Unseen by Katherin Webb which is a haunting tale of love, deception and murder - interesting!
My bag is quite heavy as I tend to chuck all sorts in there when I am on the go which explains the collection of hairspray, body sprays, hand cream and dry shampoo!
So I think I have covered the main things in my bag although there is always random stuff floating around in the bottom! What are your handbag essentials? Is there anything you never travel without?
Holly xx

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