Thursday 28 February 2013

Nearly the weekend...


I saw this picture and had to share it – it is so me! When I’m sad and need to cheer myself up a new handbag always does the trick and when I’m happy it makes me even happier :-) win win!
I apologise I haven’t blogged too much recently I have been pretty busy. Last weekend I travelled to Kent with my mum to stay at my Grandparents house. They have a beautiful big house right on the beach (a pebble beach unfortunately so no sand) and my Aunty, Uncle and three little cousins came to stay too. It was sooo cold I was literally sat next to the fire for the whole weekend just to keep warm! We went for a walk on the beach in a snow blizzard and then all agreed that it wasn’t the best idea after feeling as though we had caught frost bite! I watched about 20 kid’s films within 2 days and enjoyed playing hide and seek and drawing pictures and painting nails with my little cousins. I loved spending time with my family who I don’t get to see very often due to how far away everyone lives and of course my Grandma’s cooking is always something to look forward to!
Isabel's nails

Me and Isabel

My drawing - I was so proud! hehe

Emily and her picture of me
I have another busy weekend ahead of me; tomorrow night I am going to check out my friend’s new house that they have just moved in to and then heading out for a meal with the girls. Saturday I am meeting with my dad for coffee and hope to fit in gym at some point, and then I’m going out to a house music even in the evening so I will hopefully have some good pics for you guys next week.
Have a great weekend everyone
Holly xx

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