Sunday 17 February 2013

This week’s purchases

So my vow to stop online shopping and save money is increasingly failing as the year progresses, however my happiness due to the buzz of retail therapy has increased if that makes up for it?!  I have persuaded myself that I am only buying investment pieces and to be fair I have stopped impulse buying and have successfully walked past the Topshop sale on several occasions without venturing in store AND have left Miss Selfridge empty handed (previously unheard of for me).
Zara Bucket Tote
After purchasing my first (Gasp – I know it’s shocking!) Zara handbag last week I have discovered a love for the store – particularly their handbags -so I decided to buy the Bucket tote that I was going to buy the first time before opting for the nude shopper – I just want all of them! It was hard to choose between the black and the brown but I chose black as I wear more black than brown and I think it goes better with other colours. I cannot wait to fall in love again when this beaut arrives! Link

Khaki Parka coat
Next up is a Khaki Parka coat from Ebay. Due to the cold weather I have been looking for a long, warm coat, and decided that a parka would be nice. I currently have a black Vera Moda coat from last year which is soo warm and I love it, however it’s looking a little worn now so I wanted a replacement. After searching everywhere I couldn’t find a coat that was a.) one I liked and b.) reasonably priced. I did have my eye one from Zara and but spotted this one when I was searching for bargains on Ebay. I really wanted a coat with a fur lined hood and also thought the price was very reasonable so even if I didn’t love it when it arrived, it’s not the end of the world. When it came (quickly so I was happy) I was really pleased as the quality is pretty good (for the price) and the inside is soo warm and fleecy and also looks great on! I love a bargain. Link
Celine Paris T-shirt
Also from Ebay – a Celine Paris T-shirt. I have wanted one of these for ages and haven’t been able to justify the price tag of a real Celine T-shirt. So I have cheated and bought this one for £16 bargain! I can’t wait to wear with my new Parka and Zara tote. Link
Beauty UK blusher
Last up is my new Beauty UK blusher from Superdrug. I went in there to buy the MUA mosaic blusher that I have read so many great reviews about, but then I saw this one which is currently half price and the colours look similar and just as pretty. For one moment I did contemplate buying both, but then the sensible voice in my head told me not to so I chose this one. I am yet to use it but let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint, otherwise I will have to go back and buy the MUA one. Link
 What have you been buying this week?
Holly xx

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