Sunday 3 February 2013

My Week

This week I have enjoyed catching up with one of my oldest best friends Annie. We have known each other since beginning primary school when we were 4 years old – and we are now both 21! Annie moved to Norfolk when we were 13 and is at University in Brighton so we rarely get to see each other, however when we do it feels as though we have never been apart and we always have such a giggle!

On Wednesday we went for a coffee in the day time and then went to the cinema in the evening to watch Django Unchained and eat lots of yummy sweeties. OMG this is one of the best films I have seen in a LONG time, I strongly recommend you go and watch it! Plus how can you resist a bit of Jamie Foxx and Lio Dicaprio huh?!

After receiving the good news that I passed my driving test (the novelty still hasn’t worn off – buzzing!) I was persuaded to go out for ‘a couple of drinks’ on Friday night with Annie and her cousins, and I thought why not? I do have a reason to celebrate after all! Well you can probably guess the story, the couple of drinks turned into a lot of vodkas and cocktails and one very drunk Holly! I rarely drink so when I do it tends to hit me pretty hard. Anyway the night was great, which is the complete opposite of how I woke up feeling Saturday morning! Ughh I genuinely forgot how much I HATE hangovers.

In a bid to try and feel human again and sweat out the alcohol, I headed to the gym. Unfortunately this did not help my state and I continued to deteriorate throughout the day. I had a quick browse around the shops and treated myself to a couple of goodies in Superdrug and then met up with my daddy for a coffee. A yummy skinny vanilla latte which I couldn’t finish because I felt like I was about to vom *sad face* boo hoo.

Anyhow I am feeling much better today after having 11 hours of sleep! I plan to do a spot of online shopping as I have finally been paid, read some blogs, perhaps watch a film and just relax in general – that’s what Sundays are all about!

Here's some pics from the week...

Sweeties my favourite :-)

Annie & me

Make-up for the evening

4th time lucky!

My outfit; Forever 21top, H&M jeans, Ebay shoe boots

Girls and cocktails





The girls & guys having fun!


Gym time

Sleek babydoll lippie
NYC beauty buys
Holly xx

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