Wednesday 24 September 2014

Uni so far...

The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me to say the least so I apologise for the lack of posts on the blog. 

On the 19th September I made the big move to Nottingham Trent University and so far I have settled in pretty well.

Prior to coming I was feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves and I didn't know what to expect at all. Moving in to a flat with ten strangers can be pretty scary let alone being in a brand new city that I have never been to before!

As soon as I arrived I started unpacking my things and setting up my room to make it feel more like home. I met my flat mates and on the second night we had a drinks together before heading to the SU for a night out. Those freshers sure know how to drink!

I have loved meeting new people, both from around the uni and on my course, and have also had fun exploring the city and discovering the many great things there are to see and do here.

It's still early days but I am sure I will grow to love my new home even more and plan to make the very most of my time here. 

Here's to the future! :-)

Holly xx

Saying goodbye to my mum and sister

My cosy room

Finding space for my shoe collection

The view from my kitchen window

Ready for the first night out

Pre drinks at the flat

Breakfast with a view :-)

Nottingham castle

Robin Hood

The Chambers of Justice

St Mary's church

People watching

Pesto, tuna and avocado pasta. And who said students only eat beans on toast?!

Monday 1 September 2014


Despite time going increasingly quickly August has been a pretty busy month. The past few weeks have consisted of preparing for myself for Uni and
Shopping for essentials such as pots, pans, plates and other exciting kitchen items (ahem). I still have a few things to get and have the fun task of packing everything up left to do.

The weather appears to have turned fairly Autumnal over the last 2 weeks but I am holding out hope that September will provide a last hit of summer - I would like to have a little bit of a tan before Autumn comes!

This month I have been for a few nice meals with friends and family, including a trip to a local tapas restaurant with the girls. I went on a night out with my sister over the bank holiday weekend and enjoyed one too many cocktails. I’ve been making the most of my free time by reading lots of good books including ‘Girl Friday’ by Jane Green – It was so good I was actually sad when I finished it!

September is going to be a very exciting but emotional month. My mum’s birthday is on the 2nd so my Grandma is coming to stay and we are planning a day out with some shopping and a nice lunch. I am hoping to have a small party at some point before I leave so that friends can come over and celebrate my departure/say goodbye and then of course I have the official move on the 19th!

What have you been up to this month? Any exciting plans for September?

Holly xx

Workout time

New Barry M nail paints, healthy dinner, bank holiday smiles, loved reading ‘Girl Friday’ by Jane Green, gym time, my delicious chocolate vanilla cake, green juice, pink nails and my journal, fresh manicure.

New workout pants, pink pout, my sister & I, yummy green soup.

Bank holiday night out with my sister