Monday 1 August 2016

Hola August

Well hello there August

Am I the only one who feels like we haven't actually had a proper summer yet?

The few days of sun - aka the mini 'heatwave' - were nice, but is that all? really?

I'm now back home in Northampton until September, and am loving being back in my old bedroom with my nice biiig bed, and of course being around my friends, family and favourite staffy puppy again :-)

I've just started my summer bar job which is pretty cool, even if I'd rather be chilling at home watching tv - that online shopping addiction ain't gonna fund itself :-(

Anyway here's a 'lil summary of July... 

Have a great month!

Holly xx

Positive vibes

Eggs and avo = best lunch EVER

Daily essential

I'll take them alll

Pretty flowers

I'm homeeee :-D

Lunchin' in the sun

Summer reading

SO much love

Oreo cookie fudge cake? Hmm YES



Stay grounded

My home made kale pesto is goooood

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