Sunday 25 October 2015

25 stylish home buys under £25

Beautysets - HomeCover

When you're a student (like myself) and money's a little tight it can be hard to personalise your room and decorate it how you'd like - especially if you live in halls of residence/rented accommodation.

When I recently moved into my new flat the first thing I wanted to do was add my own touch and make it feel like home.

I went in search of inspiration and found ways to add style and decoration without breaking the bank - or the conditions of my rental agreement!

Here's 25 affordable ways to vamp up your interior and make any space look chic and stylish just like you :-) 

Beautysets - Home1
Beautysets - Home4
Beautysets - Home2
Beautysets - Home3

Friday 16 October 2015

Style spotlight: Gigi Hadid

At the tender age of 19 she's already starred in campaigns for top designer brands including Guess, Balmain and Tom Ford, been named as the new face of Topshop AND walked for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Diane von Furstenberg during the recent SS16 fashion weeks.

With A-list BFFs including Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift on speed dial and a wardrobe that sparks major closet envy, Gigi Hadid undoubtedly the girl crush of the moment.

Here's some of her amazingly cool-yet-effortlessly chic looks that you can steal to make your wardrobe equally as fabulous as the gorgeous Ms Hadid's.

Beautysets - Gigi1

Beautysets - Gigi2

Beautysets - Gigi3

Beautysets - Gigi4

Which look's your favourite?

Holly xx

Friday 9 October 2015


My latest obsession/way to waste time comes in the form of Alexa Chung's fabulous new style app Villoid.

As a lover of fashion I'm constantly using sites such as Instagram and Pinterest to search for style inspiration and seek the latest looks and trends. 

Villoid happens to be the perfect combination of the two and allows you to follow your favourite fashion brands, create style boards featuring the latest products and inspirational images and then share them with other users.

Not only does the app promise to be "your very own endless dressing up box" it also features a 'buy' button so you can shop directly from the app which includes hundreds of brands from ASOS and H&M to Acne and Hervé Léger.

The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Here's some of the boards I've created so far...

70's chic

Smart style


Pretty pastels

Ready for fall

Autumn essentials

Arm candy

What do you think to my boards? Have you been using Villoid?

Holly xx

Friday 2 October 2015

Eat Nourish Glow

Having a three month summer break from uni means I've had plenty of time to indulge in things that I wouldn't normally have time for, such as staying in bed until 11am on weekdays, watching daytime TV and reading non-journalism/educational based literature.

Ok so the first two aren't exactly true (not everyday, anyway) but the third is something that I definitely miss during term time when I have lectures to attend and mountains of work that needs doing when I'm not in class. 

I love a good book and usually opt for easy-reading chick-lit or glossy fashion mags when I want to unwind - although health and nutrition is another area I am very passionate about.

Fresh ingredients for making green juice

After reading many of Amelia's articles and following her blog, 
Eat Nourish Glow was on my list of must-reads.

When my sister kindly surprised me with it I began reading it straight away and read the entire thing in a matter of days.

Chicken and pumpkin soup

 Amelia's philosophy about food and the modern diet is spot on. Instead of focusing on eating 'low-fat', 'fat-free' and 'diet' 'health' foods she discusses the importance of eating real and natural whole foods that have not been processed or messed around with by manufacturers. 

The book is a real eye-opener to how dangerous processed food is and highlights how a poor diet can be the cause of so many health issues and diseases, not to mention the rising rates of type 2 diabetes and obesity. 

Amelia's courgetti, a delicious alternative to pasta

Although I try to maintain a good diet and eat healthily, this book has definitely made me look closer at my eating habits and encouraged me to make some positive changes going forward. 

I strongly recommend it to everyone - whether you're interested in health and nutrition or not.
The simple layout, easy-to-follow recipes and pretty pictures will keep you glued and you will most definitely learn something new.

Have you read Eat Nourish Glow? What did you think?

Holly xx


October already? Really?

Summer has literally zoomed by and I am now back in Nottingham all set to start my second year at university.

The three-month break was a good one and I managed to fit in lots of things such as catching up with family and friends, visiting new places and making the most of being back home again.

As nice as it's been, I'm so excited to start year two of my journalism course and jump back into student life again - although I will certainly miss seeing my family and a certain little puppy every day! :-(

What have you been upto the past month? Anyone else returning to/starting university? 

Holly xx

Here's a few pics from the last month...

Words can't explain how much I will miss seeing this little face every day :-(

Oreo cookie cake ice cream sundae... need I say more? *drools*

Birthday cookie mmm

September issue

Eggs and avo = favourite


Cannot put this book down! Definitely a must read

Beautiful boy

Healthy cooking


Body Shop treats

Pretty flowers fresh from the garden

The beautiful gardens at Coton manor

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