Thursday 28 February 2013

Nearly the weekend...


I saw this picture and had to share it – it is so me! When I’m sad and need to cheer myself up a new handbag always does the trick and when I’m happy it makes me even happier :-) win win!
I apologise I haven’t blogged too much recently I have been pretty busy. Last weekend I travelled to Kent with my mum to stay at my Grandparents house. They have a beautiful big house right on the beach (a pebble beach unfortunately so no sand) and my Aunty, Uncle and three little cousins came to stay too. It was sooo cold I was literally sat next to the fire for the whole weekend just to keep warm! We went for a walk on the beach in a snow blizzard and then all agreed that it wasn’t the best idea after feeling as though we had caught frost bite! I watched about 20 kid’s films within 2 days and enjoyed playing hide and seek and drawing pictures and painting nails with my little cousins. I loved spending time with my family who I don’t get to see very often due to how far away everyone lives and of course my Grandma’s cooking is always something to look forward to!
Isabel's nails

Me and Isabel

My drawing - I was so proud! hehe

Emily and her picture of me
I have another busy weekend ahead of me; tomorrow night I am going to check out my friend’s new house that they have just moved in to and then heading out for a meal with the girls. Saturday I am meeting with my dad for coffee and hope to fit in gym at some point, and then I’m going out to a house music even in the evening so I will hopefully have some good pics for you guys next week.
Have a great weekend everyone
Holly xx

Saturday 23 February 2013


Have a great weekend!
Holly xx

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Healthy Living

My diet and fitness

One of my passions in life is health and fitness, it is a subject that I can talk about for hours and I love giving advice and helping to educate people on how to be healthier. As I have grown older my attitude to diet and lifestyle has completely changed. I remember the days of being a teenager and eating literally whatever I liked. My daily diet consisted of things like chips, pizza and chocolate and when I think of the amount of junk food I ate now it is shocking!

I love fruit and veg. I am pescetarian (I don’t eat meat just fish) and have never eaten meat, so a lot of my diet is made up of fruit, veg and dairy.

Just like many other people at that age I chose to ignore my parents and those that told me to ‘eat my 5 a day’ and ‘make healthier food choices’-  I believed they were just nagging me and being annoying - but now I am an adult myself I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and given the choice I would actually choose a salad over junk food any day!
I love working out - I go to the gym/for a run around 3 times a week and do alot of walking.

I like to work out and exercise regularly – it’s just part of my lifestyle and I cannot imagine going about my day to day life without it. I tend to live by the 80-20 rule which means I eat clean and healthily 80% of the time and the other 20% is for treats and indulgence. I am not strict and I never deprive myself of anything. My key advice to anyone is ‘everything in moderation’. You can allow yourself a little of anything and it will do no harm, however too much of one thing – whether it’s healthy or not – is going to be bad for you, balance and variety are key!

Bananas and oat granola are two of my favourite things, I cannot start my day without them.

I feel so lucky in the sense that I have a good knowledge of healthy eating, I LOVE healthy food and I know what works for me, I understand it is very hard for some people and food and fitness are areas where they really struggle. Either way I thought I’d share some tips that I use on those days when I feel less enthusiastic about going out in the cold to work out or when I am really craving something unhealthy, but should opt for the healthy option.


I always feel sooo much better after a good work out. Sometimes I feel less than enthusiastic before I get to the gym but I just try and think of how good I feel afterwards and keep an image in my head of what I want to achieve by going and this motivates me to get my butt there sharpish. Having a good work-out wardrobe is also a great motivator. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym either if that’s not your kinda thing, sometimes I enjoy going for a run around my local park – especially in summer – or perhaps a bike ride with a friend  or a swim. Some of my friends enjoy work out classes such as boxing and zumba and I know this works for them and is something more fun which they enjoy. Personally I like to go hard in the gym alone with my music as I like there to be no distractions, but everyone is different so find out what works best for you and do it! If you are thinking of introducing exercise in to your weekly routine or joining the gym, don’t just say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ because it will be the same story again then, do it now, today! There’s no time like the present and I can guarantee you won’t regret it!


So you want to lose a few pounds, feel good and have more energy or just improve your diet in general? First things first you must educate yourself on the basic rules and understand that the changes you are making to your diet are not temporary – they are lifestyle changes. The important rules to follow are; Everything in moderation, Balance and variety is key, Eat clean – avoid processed food and enjoy honest, good food and lastly DO NOT cut out anything completely. Depriving yourself of one food group (except for medical reasons) is not a long term solution for better health or weight loss - It may work as a quick fix and perhaps you will lose weight at first - but as soon as you return to your old eating habits and introduce the food back into your diet the weight will pile straight back on. There are so many fad diets around these days and many encourage you to cut out certain foods such as carbs, sugar and fat, but as previously mentioned; Rule number one - everything in moderation! A little of everything is good for you and plays an important part in maintaining a balanced diet. While cutting back on certain things like carbs and un-healthy fats is wise, just don’t cut anything out completely.


Try and eat clean most of the time and allow yourself occasional indulgences and treats. If you know you’re going out for a meal at the weekend, then eat healthily during the week and feel free to eat what you like when you go out (obviously don’t go mad) or if it’s a work colleagues birthday and they bring in cake, have a slice if you want it! Just don’t do it every day! You get my drift… 



One of my favourite health and fitness blogs is blogilates. The owner Cassey is a fitness instructor and always uploads great, easy-to-follow work out videos loads of healthy eating recipes and tips and she is such a cool, fun girl! She also offers some fab giveaways!


To finish, here are some pictures that I find inspiring and motivating, who can deny that the VS models are not inspiration enough to get yourself to the gym?!




VSX Sport Link

Do youhave an healthyeating/ftness plans? What motivates and inspires you?

Holly xx



In life you don’t get anything for free. Success comes from hard work and those that expect something when putting in zero effort are naive. If you want something, work hard for it and get it! What better feeling is there than achieving something that you have genuinely had to work hard for?  Sometimes you may work hard and might not get what you want straight away, but don’t give up! Keep going, keep working for it and if you want it bad enough, you will get there.
Holly xx

Sunday 17 February 2013

This week’s purchases

So my vow to stop online shopping and save money is increasingly failing as the year progresses, however my happiness due to the buzz of retail therapy has increased if that makes up for it?!  I have persuaded myself that I am only buying investment pieces and to be fair I have stopped impulse buying and have successfully walked past the Topshop sale on several occasions without venturing in store AND have left Miss Selfridge empty handed (previously unheard of for me).
Zara Bucket Tote
After purchasing my first (Gasp – I know it’s shocking!) Zara handbag last week I have discovered a love for the store – particularly their handbags -so I decided to buy the Bucket tote that I was going to buy the first time before opting for the nude shopper – I just want all of them! It was hard to choose between the black and the brown but I chose black as I wear more black than brown and I think it goes better with other colours. I cannot wait to fall in love again when this beaut arrives! Link

Khaki Parka coat
Next up is a Khaki Parka coat from Ebay. Due to the cold weather I have been looking for a long, warm coat, and decided that a parka would be nice. I currently have a black Vera Moda coat from last year which is soo warm and I love it, however it’s looking a little worn now so I wanted a replacement. After searching everywhere I couldn’t find a coat that was a.) one I liked and b.) reasonably priced. I did have my eye one from Zara and but spotted this one when I was searching for bargains on Ebay. I really wanted a coat with a fur lined hood and also thought the price was very reasonable so even if I didn’t love it when it arrived, it’s not the end of the world. When it came (quickly so I was happy) I was really pleased as the quality is pretty good (for the price) and the inside is soo warm and fleecy and also looks great on! I love a bargain. Link
Celine Paris T-shirt
Also from Ebay – a Celine Paris T-shirt. I have wanted one of these for ages and haven’t been able to justify the price tag of a real Celine T-shirt. So I have cheated and bought this one for £16 bargain! I can’t wait to wear with my new Parka and Zara tote. Link
Beauty UK blusher
Last up is my new Beauty UK blusher from Superdrug. I went in there to buy the MUA mosaic blusher that I have read so many great reviews about, but then I saw this one which is currently half price and the colours look similar and just as pretty. For one moment I did contemplate buying both, but then the sensible voice in my head told me not to so I chose this one. I am yet to use it but let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint, otherwise I will have to go back and buy the MUA one. Link
 What have you been buying this week?
Holly xx

Style inspirations Look book

Fashion is limitless. It can be enjoyed and shared by everyone - regardless of ethnicity, age, race, occupation or language. It can be interpreted in a different way to each individual and demonstrates endless possibilities with no set rules.
To some fashion is just a hobby or interest – something that is fun, enjoyable and makes us feel good. To others it can be a way of making a living or a whole lifestyle or career.  For me, fashion is a hobby and something I enjoy. I like seeing different designs and prints and discovering trends. I enjoy being creative, experimenting and finding alternative ways of wearing things - although admittedly I often tend to stick to what I know I like and am reluctant to try new things.
To me fashion is about finding what you like, playing around with it and most importantly - having fun.
With fashion weeks currently upon us and designers premiering their S/S collections I wanted to share a few of my fashion inspirations and women whose fashion sense I admire, whose style’s influence what I choose to wear and help me create my look.
Victoria Beckham
She always looks flawless. I love her own designs and she has the best handbag and shoe collection!



Jessica Alba
I love her playful style and admire her casual-cool day time outfits, but she sure knows how to rock a dress on the red carpet too.

Miranda Kerr
This lady can do no wrong and always looks immaculate. She is the true definition of a supermodel and wears skinny jeans soo well. Pure beauty.


Rosie Huntingdon Whitely
Another supermodel who truly represents the title. Rosie always looks amazing – especially on the red carpet – and one of her best accessories is her hot actor husband, where can I get one of those?

Eva Longoria
I LOVE Eva’s style – she always looks so cute and well dressed. My favourite looks are her daytime jeans and heels combos but in my opinion she could genuinely wear a bin bag and still look gorgeous.


Nicole Richie
She pulls off the grungy rocker chick look that I heart and has that cute laid back-LA vibe going on but also looks so glamorous when she dresses up.

Whose style do you admire? If you could have the wardrobe of any celebrity who would you choose?

Holly xx