Monday 11 February 2013

Benefit Ticket to glossytown Vs Lancome Juicy tubes

One of my favourite things in life is lip gloss. I am an official lip gloss lover/ hoarder/addict. My collection is ever growing and although I have my favourite go-to glosses that I tend to stick to and a good 50% of the ones I own are never used, I just cannot bring myself to part with them or stop myself buying more! (This is subject to change due to the whole financial/cutting back on my spending thing).
Two cosmetic brands I heart are Lancôme and Benefit, not just for their lip glosses but I like various products from both brands. I decided to compare lip gloss collections from each; so I chose Benefit’s ticket to glossytown mini gloss set and Lancôme’s Juicy tubes mini set.

The benefit lip glosses are the first that I have tried from the brand and I was not disappointed. The gloss is non-sticky and lasts a good few hours before re application is required. The colours are all different so you get a good selection and each gloss has a pleasant fruity watermelon smell. Before trying the purple I was a little hesitant as to how bright and pigmented it would be, however it is more of a clear gloss with a purple sheen, so it’s not too much but still looks nice. The size of each gloss is quite small so you don’t get much gloss in each tube - but on the plus side they fit nicely in your pocket or a clutch bag for a night out. I think the set would make a perfect gift for someone (or yourself) and they are also reasonably priced. Unfortunately this set is no longer available however you can purchase similar Benefit glosses from here.
I remember when Lancôme first launched their Juicy tubes glosses many years ago. I had a pink, glittery watermelon flavour tube and I remember it having quite a sticky texture and I didn’t like the fact that the tube didn’t have a wand for application like traditional glosses. However my secret Santa at work is obviously someone that knows me and my passion for lip gloss very well, and surprised me with a mini set of Juicy tubes. Best secret Santa gift ever! I love them. Each gloss is a different flavour and has a delicious, sweet, good-enough-to-eat smell. The glosses are not as sticky as I remember, although texture is slightly sticky, but the actual gloss is thick and almost creamy and glides on to the lips perfectly. They have a gorgeous glittery shimmer and also last a long time before you need to re-apply. The colours are also lovely and there is not one out of the four that I dislike, you also get a good amount of gloss in each tube - These are definitely my current favourite glosses.
Although the Juicy tubes are the more expensive set at £18.50, for me they win hands down and who can deny how cute and chic they look? Buy this set here.
Do you have a favourite lip gloss or brand? What glosses do you recommend?
Holly xx

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