Saturday 16 February 2013

Hollywood Hotties – My Top 5

We all love watching a good movie - even more so when there’s a bit of eye candy in it to make it more appealing! I thought I’d share my top 5 Hollywood hotties with you along with a few photos for good measure. It was a tough choice but hopefully you approve of my selection. Who is your favourite film crush? Is there anyone else you think deserved a place in the Top 5?
1st Chad Michael Murray in ‘A Cinderella Story’

2nd Jesse Metcalfe in ‘John Tucker Must Die’
3rd Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘End of Watch’
4th Zac Efron in ‘New Years Eve’
5th Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Django Unchained’
I Give It A Year
While I’m on the subject of movies, this week my best friend and I went to the cinema to watch the new Brit rom-com ‘I give it a year’. After reading the great reviews I was looking forward to watching this, although admittedly I don’t usually take notice of other people’s reviews before watching a film as I like have my own opinion and often find that my thoughts after watching the film are different to those of others. However this film did not disappoint! Right from the start I was laughing away and by the sounds of the other people in the cinema I was not the only one who found this film hilarious and very entertaining! I would definitely recommend watching it if you fancy some light hearted comedy. Also I would just like to add the outfits worn by lead actress Rose Byrne are amazing! She is totally my new style crush and looks stunning throughout the film. Has anyone else seen this or are you planning to? What did you think?


Holly xx

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