Sunday 17 February 2013

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Fashion is limitless. It can be enjoyed and shared by everyone - regardless of ethnicity, age, race, occupation or language. It can be interpreted in a different way to each individual and demonstrates endless possibilities with no set rules.
To some fashion is just a hobby or interest – something that is fun, enjoyable and makes us feel good. To others it can be a way of making a living or a whole lifestyle or career.  For me, fashion is a hobby and something I enjoy. I like seeing different designs and prints and discovering trends. I enjoy being creative, experimenting and finding alternative ways of wearing things - although admittedly I often tend to stick to what I know I like and am reluctant to try new things.
To me fashion is about finding what you like, playing around with it and most importantly - having fun.
With fashion weeks currently upon us and designers premiering their S/S collections I wanted to share a few of my fashion inspirations and women whose fashion sense I admire, whose style’s influence what I choose to wear and help me create my look.
Victoria Beckham
She always looks flawless. I love her own designs and she has the best handbag and shoe collection!



Jessica Alba
I love her playful style and admire her casual-cool day time outfits, but she sure knows how to rock a dress on the red carpet too.

Miranda Kerr
This lady can do no wrong and always looks immaculate. She is the true definition of a supermodel and wears skinny jeans soo well. Pure beauty.


Rosie Huntingdon Whitely
Another supermodel who truly represents the title. Rosie always looks amazing – especially on the red carpet – and one of her best accessories is her hot actor husband, where can I get one of those?

Eva Longoria
I LOVE Eva’s style – she always looks so cute and well dressed. My favourite looks are her daytime jeans and heels combos but in my opinion she could genuinely wear a bin bag and still look gorgeous.


Nicole Richie
She pulls off the grungy rocker chick look that I heart and has that cute laid back-LA vibe going on but also looks so glamorous when she dresses up.

Whose style do you admire? If you could have the wardrobe of any celebrity who would you choose?

Holly xx


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