Monday 11 February 2013

Pancake MONDAY

My delicious pancakes with nutella
OK so I know Pancake day is actually tomorrow (hence the name Shrove Tuesday) however my sister makes THE best pancakes and I can’t make them, and she is working late tomorrow night so she suggested having our pancake night tonight instead. I’m not too fussed either way as long as I get to eat yummy pancakes at least one night! I like mine with nutella or lemon and sugar YUM. How do you like yours?
Cooking in the pan

My sister's generous pile
This year I have decided to take part in Lent as I really wanted to give up something for 40 days and challenge myself to stick to it, after all it is part of the proper Easter tradition. I was struggling to think of what to give up as there isn’t really anything that I have lot of that is bad for me. The only things I could think of were tea and coffee, but I only have a few cups a day and I NEED my coffee in the morning ha! So I decided to give up chocolate as although I rarely eat it (I still have half of my Christmas stash left over) I do enjoy it and it’s something that isn’t exactly good for me, and it also means I will appreciate the chocolate I receive at Easter even more (hello Lindt gold bunnies!). I have persuaded my Mum and sister to take part too and my mum has chosen to give up pizza, this will be hard for her as she eats a lot believe me! and my sister will give up Indian Take-aways (ha ha) I know that seems strange but she orders these at least 2-3 times a month which I think is a lot, and by giving it up she will also save money. Are you giving anything up for Lent?


 Lindt gold bunny - my favourite!!
Holly xx


  1. The pancake looks amazing!

    Love it xx

  2. I had all the intention of making mine this year but failed miserably! haha but yours look delicious! I don't think I have the willpower to give anything up, especially not chocolate! x

    1. Thanks, they tasted delicious too! Yes I think it is going to be quite hard having no chocolate for 40 days but I am determined! Holly xx