Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Wishlist


Aww how cute?! 


I am sooo excited for Easter! I have a whole 6 days off work and I am currently staying at my Grandparents house in Kent along with my mum, sister, auntie, uncle and 3 little cousins. I love family gatherings as we hardly ever get to see each other so when we do we plan lots of fun activities :-) I am looking forward to doing an Easter egg hunt, watching lots of good TV and movies, eating hot cross buns, a day of retail therapy in Canterbury and spending time relaxing and enjoying the company of my family.


Easter means the start of spring, baby lambs, pastel colours, pretty flowers, lighter evenings, warmer weather and chocolate woo hoo! I gave up chocolate for lent so haven’t had any in over 1 month. I’m not a huge chocolate person although I do like it every now and again (I still have a massive stash left over from Christmas) but I have been surprised how hard it is avoiding it! When choosing a dessert in a restaurant almost all of them contain some form of chocolate such as chocolate chips or chocolate sauce, and because I knew I couldn’t have any I craved it even more. I am proud of myself for not giving in though - and I will definitely appreciate the nice Easter eggs I get on Sunday!
The Easter holiday and start of spring has inspired me to create a wish list of some things that I am currently lusting after - and that will hopefully make you feel in a more summery mood despite the horrible, cold weather we are currently experiencing…

What are you wishing for this month? What do you have planned this Easter?


Holly xx

 Mango dress £44.99
H&M dress £19.99


Mango skinny trousers  in Pink Mandarin Topacio blue and Apple £22.99


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