Sunday 17 March 2013

My Weekend 16/03/13


Before the gym.

After breakfast on Saturday morning I went to the gym for a work out, this is my favourite time to go as on week nights the gym gets busy so the equipment you want to use isn’t always free, I much prefer having the gym to myself.

Favourite breakfast: Oat and raisin granola, natural yoghurt and coffee.

Gym essentials: My Nike Dual fusion trainers.


Smile :-)

Ready to work out.

Afterwards I went to the salon to get my eyebrows threaded and tinted as they were definitely in need of some TLC! Then I quickly dropped by Boots to grab some dry shampoo and hair mousse as I have almost ran out. By the time I got home I was starving so I whipped up a couple of Tuna pitta breads and devoured the remaining home-made cream coffee cake made by one of mum’s friends.

Organising my lipgloss.

All tidy :-)

One of my favourite activities is cleaning my room. I am a slight clean freak so everything has its place and I don’t like any mess or clutter around me so my room is always tidy but every week I like to hoover and polish, make sure all of my clothes, make-up and beauty products are tidy and then light some candles. I decided to sort through my ever growing lipgloss collection. My room is my favourite place to be and is where I spend most of my time at home so I like to make it as nice and relaxing as possible.
Once my room was done I had a lush relaxing bubble bath, had a gossip with my sister when she got home from work and then started getting ready for my friend’s house warming party.


My outfit before heading to the party.
Leather jacket – H&M, Vest top – Firetrap, Stud leggings – New look, Stud wedges – ebay.

Pre party posing.

 The party was great and the house is beautiful, it may not look that way Sunday morning though! My friend Harriet made a fruity punch that was yummy but deadly! My poison for the night was this cool Cosmo cocktail that I picked up from an American store. You literally just add vodka and it makes a cosmo!

Skinny cosmo mmm

Sunday has been spent the same as most others: RESTING! Lazy Sunday mornings watching episodes of The City in bed, painting my nails, browsing the internet and reading blogs. Mum has made her delicious vegetable soup (THE best soup ever!) and my sister has touched up my roots for me. Now to chill out next to the fire with a film, cup of tea and my laptop :-)

I <3 The City.

Vegetable soup Mmm.

Baby pink nails.

and toenails.

My favourite Mickey Mouse cup!


What have you been up to this weekend?

Holly xx


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