Sunday 3 March 2013

My weekend

My weekend has been very productive and I have enjoyed catching up with friends and family. Friday night I went for a lovely Italian meal with the girls at our local Prezzo – which for those that don’t know is and Italian restaurant chain. I have eaten there many times and have enjoyed every meal. I opted for a margarita pizza with olives. It was a lovely evening and we had a good gossip and a catch up, after we headed back to my friend’s new place that they have just moved in to and the house is amazing! I didn’t think to take photos unfortunately but the way they have decorated looks beautiful! I can’t wait for their house warming party in a couple of weeks.
On Saturday I enjoyed a lay in which is rare for me as I usually wake up quite early and like to be up and about to make the most of my day. I got ready and headed to the gym for a good long work out, then went to collect my sister from work (she is a hairdresser so has to work every Saturday). We then headed to Starbucks for a quick coffee and chat with our daddy who is visiting Northampton this weekend, he lives in Shropshire at the moment which is a good 2 ½ hours away but is hoping to move back here soon. After coffee it was time to head home for some food, Ruby had a power nap and then we started getting ready for our night out.
We went to Half full which is a cool house music event hosted in Northampton each month.  It is held in a cool loft conversion which in the day time is a restaurant, but then transformed in to a club for the event. It was SOO good! Luckily we bought tickets in advance as it was a sell-out. We partied hard and had fun then stopped by a take away for Ruby to pick up a pizza and headed home to bed!

Ruby wore: New look leather jacket, H&M dress and ebay wedges

I wore: H&M leather jacket, Forever 21 mini dress and ebay shoe-boots

Today I am feeling a little tired but apart from that I’m all good. I plan to spend my day relaxing and will probably tidy my room and sort out my make-up, then sit next to the open fire and read or watch films.
What have you guys been up to?
Holly xx

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