Friday 28 June 2013

The Beauty Detox Solution

I recently purchased this book when it appeared on my recommendations list on Amazon. I love reading and often read a couple of books at a time – when the cover caught my eye I decided to investigate further, after reading the description and the great reviews from other people that have read it I knew this book was right up my street and ordered it straight away.
One of my main interests is nutrition along with health, fitness and of course beauty -so the name of the book alone told me it would be my kind of reading. So far I have only read the introduction and started the first chapter but I cannot put it down and have found myself agreeing and nodding along with everything author Kimberly Snyder is saying – it just makes sense! I think I am going to learn so much from reading it.
The book teaches you how to improve health and happiness and provides an understanding of how to achieve natural beauty simply by eating clean, adopting a good attitude to diet and nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am intrigued to read about Kimberly’s travels around the world and to find out about the amazing, natural beauty routines and remedies that women use in different countries and the ways that I can adopt these and incorporate them in to my lifestyle to improve my way of living and become a happier, healthier person.
I love learning new things, especially when it is something that will benefit me and something I can pass on and teach to others. I have been pescetarian my whole life - this means I follow a vegetarian diet with the exception of fish and I have never eaten meat. One of the first subjects the book covers is diet and how the human body is not actually designed to digest protein from another animal. Our digestive systems are designed for a plant based diet - just like that of a chimpanzee’s which is the species whose bodies are most similar to us human beings so this subject is very interesting to me.
I also follow Kimberly’s blog here where there are daily posts, great recipes and more great health and nutrition tips – check it out!
Have you read this book or Kimberly’s blog? What do you think?
Holly xx

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