Sunday 30 June 2013

My Month: June

My month has been a great one, mainly due to the fact that it was my birthday so I have been treated a few nice meals and celebration drinks, enjoyed spending time with family and friends, ate a lot of cake and got some lovely presents!
I have been good with my spending this month and haven’t been buying much. To be honest nothing has really tickled my fancy so my bank balance is looking quite healthy! An unfamiliar but nice feeling. I need to start searching for a new laptop as the one I currently have is sooo slow and frustrates me a lot but I don’t really know where to begin. When it comes to technology I totally switch off, it’s not my area of expertise at all so I think I’m going to need some help.
June has brought us a few days of nice weather and sunshine – and a lot of rain - but really where the hell is summer at?!! There’s like 2 months left of ‘summer’ so I’m starting to worry that time’s going to run out and we’re not actually going to see the season at all, so depressing :-(
What have you been up to this month?
Holly xx

Tiramisu, birthday presents, me & the sister, ready for a run, birthday cake, cocktails, new book, diamante sandals, celebration drink.

Flopsy bunny, ready to party in Brum, Google on my birthday, yummy dessert, I need to start baking, best friend & me, peanut butter m&m’s mmm, pre-work out, sunbathing in the garden.


OPI nails & Dior lipgloss, pretty flowers, I LOVE marmite, new moisturiser, girls ready to party, banoffee cupcake, sticky toffee pudding, kisses from me, reading material.  

Healthy summer food, me, OPI Houston we have a purple, the best friend and I, Boots beauty haul, hot choc and marshmallows, OPI collection, more food, honey hair mask.


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