Tuesday 4 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!


Woohoo! The day has finally arrived and I am officially another year older – which isn’t exactly a good thing but hey it’s my birthday and I’m gonna celebrate and enjoy my day!
I have the day off of work as I refuse to work on my birthday and in my opinion it should be illegal :-) So far I have enjoyed a nice lay in, ate my favourite breakfast and right now I am in bed watching my favourite show Desperate Housewives. The sun is shining and it is a b e a utiful day so I may go for a nice run in the park later, have a little pamper sesh and then chill in the garden with a good book, stress free bliss :-)
I have to wait until my mum, sister and best friend get home from work later then I can open my presents and we are going out for a meal at Pizza Express then having a few cocktails after to celebrate. I can’t wait to blow out the candles on my cake and make a birthday wish too – I am such a big kid haha!
My dad came to visit me last weekend and we went for an early birthday meal at a lush Italian restaurant – the food was divine- especially the home made Tiramisu!
 Roll on Saturday as I am heading to Birmingham for a night out with the girls for lots of dancing, giggles and yummy cocktails! I am just waiting for my new dress to arrive any day now from ASOS – I really hope it looks good because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the website! I will do a birthday post in a few days with photos of what I have been up to and hopefully show you the nice presents I get today hehe.
What is everyone up to today? Do you have anything planned for this gorgeous weather?
Have a fabulous day!

Holly xx


My first present from my daddy – how cute?! I have named him Flopsy haha


My sister made this poster for me, we LOVE Moleman from The Simpsons lol
Delicious Tiramisu

Even Google knows it’s my birthday ;-)



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