Tuesday 15 October 2013

Texturisers: V05 Vs Fudge

I am a huge fan of texture, I loved the beachy-waves look from summer and am now loving the grungy, messed up look for fall. When I want to add extra waves to my hair I style it using mousse and a sea salt spray, but another way to create great texture is by using a texturizing spray.
I have used the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturizing Spray £3.49 for a while now and have lost count of the times I have re purchased. It works so well on my hair and makes styling after washing much easier, sometimes hair can be too soft and clean to style straight away so a few sprays of this give it a bit of grit and volume. It also doubles up as a dry shampoo and absorbs oil in between washes, for under £4 it’s a bargain and a firm staple in my hair kit.
I noticed the Fudge Urban Texture Blaster £6.99 when I was shopping on the Superdrug website recently – I’m not sure if this is a new product but I haven’t seen/heard of it before. I have used Fudge products previously and they are used in my hair salon so I know they are pretty good quality and smell gorgeous too. I decided to give the Texture Blaster a go to see how it compared to the V05 spray.
Sadly I was disappointed. I have used the spray a few times now and each time my hair has been left SO crispy and feeling as though it needs to be washed straight after. It reminds me of a really bad, cheap hairspray that just sticks hair together and causes knots and breakage – definitely not what I want! It’s also hard to spray and seems to take effort to release the spray from the can. The only thing I liked about the product was the smell, but for almost double the price of the V05 it definitely does not compare and I will not be re purchasing.
Have you tried this product? Are there any other good texturizing sprays worth trying?
Holly xx

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