Sunday 20 January 2013

You Only Live Twice

Today I decided to paint my nails. I love nail polish but because I usually have acrylic nails on I don’t often paint them. I always paint my toe nails but due to the fact that it is winter and my feet are always wrapped up in thick socks and boots, painting them kind of defeats the object! Anyway I am trying to resist my monthly trip to the nail salon in a bid to save money so hopefully I will be able to put my nail polish collection to good use.
Today I chose OPI nail lacquer in shade ‘You only live twice’.I love this colour as it’s not pink but not quite red. It’s a glittery, metallic shade that sparkles when the light catches it. Like with all OPI polishes it only requires 2 coats, nails dry quickly, the consistency of the polish is of excellent quality, it doesn’t chip easily and lasts a good week or so.
In my opinion OPI is one of the best nail polish manufacturers which is why their polishes are often used by professionals and in salons. I love the packaging and the shape of the bottles, the great quality of the polish and the quirky and fun names given to each different colour. They also do many gorgeous limited edition colours and collections as well. Each bottle is around £7-£15 for 15ml and can be purchased at I also wanted to include some of my other OPI favourites, especially the minis as they are so cute!
What's your favourite OPI shade?
Holly xx
You Only Live Twice, Shorts Story and I'm All Ears


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