Thursday 24 January 2013

Acqua di Gioia by Georgio Armani

I am aware this is not a brand new fragrance, but it is the latest addition to my collection! I was lucky enough to pick up this fabulous gift set in the Debenhams January sale at a generously discounted price. Never one to be able to resist a new fragrance, or a bargain for that matter, I snapped it up and have been addicted to the sweet smell ever since.
I would describe the fragrance as a soft, floral and fruity scent that reminds me of the ocean. The perfume is very feminine and gentle and not over powering which is my ideal kind of fragrance as I find that even the tiniest amount of perfume is very noticeable on me – maybe I just have a very sensitive nose! The key notes used in the perfume are Jasmine, Mint, Cedarwood and Brown sugar – an interesting combination – but one that works!

I don’t tend to use Body Lotion as I suffer from very dry skin so I stick to more intense moisturisers such as body butter and cocoa butter. The Acqua di Gioia Body Lotion has the delicious fragrance of the perfume and leaves skin smelling gorgeous after a bath or shower, however as it is only a lotion it doesn’t really moisturise skin or leave it very soft so I wouldn’t recommend using it regularly if you do suffer from dry skin, however it is ideal to use just before a night out to help intensify the fragrance and leave you smelling sweet for longer. I have been keeping it in my handbag and using as a hand cream for on the go which works well for me!
You can purchase Acqua di Gioia £38.50 for 30ml from The Perfume Shop Link
Have you tried this perfume or any others from Georgio Armani? What's your favourite?
Holly xx

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