Sunday, 7 April 2013

Toblerone Cheesecake

I would describe myself as a somewhat amateur and un-experienced baker. In fact I never actually bake anything. I love the idea of baking and believe me I love food – so I am usually more than happy to leave the baking to someone else and then help out with the eating part afterwards.
This week something came over me and I had a sudden urge to bake something, this could have possibly been caused by all of the delicious looking cookie and cake pictures popping up on my Instagram feed or some of the mouth-watering recipes posted on various blogs.
Anyway I had lots of chocolate left over from Easter including a large Toblerone which I probably won’t get round to eating any time soon (Lindt gold bunnies come first!). I came across this cheesecake recipe in a magazine which seemed so easy that even I would be able to follow it without messing it up! So off to the supermarket I trotted to pick up my ingredients.
The recipe is actually for a strawberry cheesecake, but I’m the sort of person that likes to change and adapt things as I go along to make them my own and that is what I did, despite knowing very little about cooking I just hoped for the best! And so I created my Toblerone recipe.
When finished I felt very proud that I had actually made something that was edible and received the approval of my fussy, sweet-toothed mother, however my sister - not being a fan of cheesecake took one bite and declared she would not be eating the rest, luckily it wasn’t my baking and is just because she hates cream cheese. I also enjoyed the cheesecake but I will warn you now, this is definitely NOT a dessert to make if you are on a diet, dislike sweet things or concerned about developing diabetes in any way! I joke, I joke, but it is very sickly so small slices are essential as I discovered after eating it!

What you will need:
1 large Toblerone
397g can of Carnation condensed milk
300g Digestive biscuits
200g Butter
200g soft cheese
1 lemon
Vanilla essence
Ferrero Rocher (optional)
20cm cake tin
Step 1
Crush your digestive biscuits and melt the butter and 6 chunks of Toblerone chocolate. I melted the butter and chocolate in the microwave as it’s quicker. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and then press in to the base of the cake tin. Place in the fridge to chill for around 1 hour.
Step 2
Whisk together the cream cheese, condensed milk, 1tsp of vanilla essence and squirt in the juice of the lemon, be careful not to get pulp and pips in the mixture as I had to fish a few out! Once the mixture is smooth pour it on to the chilled base but make sure there is room at the top of the tin so that it doesn’t over flow.
Step 3
Now for the extra topping; crush 3 digestive biscuits and melt the rest of the Toblerone chocolate (I also added 3 Ferrero rocher chocolates I found in my cupboard but these are optional) and mix together in a bowl. Carefully spoon the mixture to the top of the cheesecake, the cream cheese topping is still runny so the chocolate biscuit mixture sink in to it. A mistake I made was pouring too much cream cheese topping on to my base so when I added the extra topping the mixture over flowed a little!

Step 4
Place the cheesecake in the fridge to chill for around 3 hours. Once the cake has set, enjoy! (in moderation to avoid feeling sick hehe).
Holly xx


  1. this sounds and looks lovely! Cheesecake is my favourite ever desert and my boyfriend loves toblerone so this would be perfect for us!


    1. My friend finished the last piece this evening and she had never tried cheesecake before and she loved it! If you like toblerone it is a definite winner and so easy to make :-) xx

  2. YUMMY!!! your post made me crave snacks now! I am definitely gonna try this recipe! :))))

  3. wow! so yummy!!