Saturday 27 April 2013

18th Birthday Celebrations


Friday 26th April was my not-so-little sister’s 18th birthday. I can’t believe that she is officially an adult now! Even though she has been coming out and partying with me for some time it still seems so surreal that she is now actually legally old enough.

On Friday evening we went to Buddies USA which is a cool American diner in Northampton with some family and friends to celebrate with a delicious meal. I love this place and we often go there for family occasions and to indulge in the huge American sized portions and extensive menu. I love that they do vegetarian burgers as I don’t eat meat and I love a good burger and chips so it is a real treat for me. Their dessert menu is to die for, I can never decide what to order – I have such a sweet tooth so dessert is always my favourite part of a meal, most of the time I could quite happily skip the main course!


I ordered my usual which is a veggie burger with cheese, mayo, mushrooms, lettuce and tomato with chips and salad. I was stuffed but forced myself to finish the divine Oreo cookie cake with ice cream which is my all-time favourite dessert – so delicious! After all of that I felt ready to pop. Luckily I wore leather trousers that zip up at the side so secretly under my jumper the zip was only half done up to allow room for my expanding stomach!


The waitress surprised my sister with a lovely chocolate cake and candles and we all sang happy birthday.

 After the meal my mum, sister and friend Karen went for a cocktail at a lush cocktail bar called Sazeracs and we toasted the occasion with a selection of fruity drinks. I hate drinking alcohol after I have eaten a large meal - all I feel like doing is going home and getting in to bed so I chose a virgin cocktail which was a mixture of coconut, guava, pineapple and strawberry juice, it was quite easily the nicest cocktail I have ever had!


My sister had a great day and is heading out on Saturday night with her friends for her first legal night out on the town,  I’m predicting that she is going to feel far from fresh on Sunday morning hehe!

Holly xx



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