Monday 8 April 2013

Photo Memories


In my bedroom I have a carrier bag full to the top with boxes of photos. Ever since I have had a camera from the age of about 15 I have taken photos wherever I go – usually holidays and nights out - so I have memories of all of the amazing times I have had. Although most of my photos are stored on my laptop, phone and various memory cards it is always nice to have the actual print too and then you can frame them, create albums and keep them forever. 
I wanted to do something with my photos instead of them just being stashed away in my cupboard where no one can see them, so yesterday I took it upon myself to sort through them and select some of my favourites to display on my cupboard door as a kind of ‘memory wall’.

It was lovely reminiscing about some of the great times I have had, and seeing pictures of old faces that I haven’t seen in a while! I love my little photo wall and now I

will smile each time I open the door. I may even do another one :-)
What do you think?


Holly xx


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