Wednesday 10 April 2013

Organix Macadamia Oil Shampoo

After discovering this bottle on my bathroom shelf (courtesy of the mother) I decided to give my beloved Kerastase shampoo a rest for a couple of washes and try it out. The shampoo promises to ‘drench even the driest, most brittle hair with moisture, leaving it soft, supple and with a fusion of gentle conditioning macadamia oil and moisturising bamboo extract’. I have not used any Macadamia oil products before but have read many great reviews on other hair products containing the oil so already I had high expectations.
I love a shampoo that feels thick and lathers up well without having to use too much product, and that is exactly what this one does. The smell is gorgeous - I would describe it as a natural, nutty scent that is refreshing and clean. I find that with some shampoos 2 washes is essential to get that deep clean feeling - but with this, one wash is all that is required.
After blow drying, my frizzy hair looked noticeably smoother and felt lovely and soft and smelt divine. I was by no means expecting this shampoo to be better than my favourite Kerastase – but for half the price, the quality is not far off and I am impressed with the results and noticeably improved condition of my hair afterwards. In future I would definitely consider re purchasing this shampoo and the conditioner too and will be looking out for other products to try from the brand.
Have you tried any Organix products before? What did you think?
Holly xx


  1. This sounds gorgeous! I love the Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum :) x

  2. I may have to give that one a try! :-) Holly xx

  3. Thank you for the review - never heard of the brand, but love products with macadamia oil, so will definitely try to find it. x