Sunday 14 April 2013

Chocolate and marshmallow Rocky road

So my new found passion for baking continues - Ok I have made one dessert but humour me here! I wanted to make another delicious treat for my family and friends (and mainly myself) to enjoy. Unfortunately my hopes of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies or brownies this weekend have been ruined as my oven decided to break on Friday. Bad times. However being the creative girl I am and realising that I still have half a pack of digestive biscuits left in my cupboard from making my cheesecake last weekend, I decided to make use of these and create a quick and simple dessert where no oven required.

My dessert turned out well and was a hit with all who tried it. Again I have learned that my eyes are bigger than my belly and I do not know the difference between a normal sized and humongous slice so I was left feeling slightly sick after eating it L but I cannot deny it tasted delish! The best part about this recipe is that it is quick, easy and cheap to make, you can also add and take as many ingredients as you like. Enjoy!
What you will need:
200g Milk chocolate
250g Digestive biscuits
1 pack of Marshmallows
1 pack of white/milk chocolate buttons
20cm cake tin
To make
Crush your digestive biscuits and melt the butter and chocolate. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl then add the chocolate buttons and marshmallows, mix it all together. Pour the mixture in to the cake tin and press in to the base to create a smooth layer. Place in the fridge to chill for around 2 hours. When the base feels firm and ready you can either cut in to squares/slices to serve or just do what I did and cut a slice from the tin when required.
 The recipe is so simple and can be adapted and changed using loads of different ingredients. I would love to try making it with white chocolate or peanut butter. Perhaps you could add nutella or smarties? I’m getting excited thinking about it the possibilities are endless! Anyway hopefully by next weekend I will have a new oven and I can then attempt my cookies or brownies.
What do you like to bake? Do you know any delicious but simple recipes?
Holly xx

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