Sunday 2 March 2014


Wow, I know February is only 29 days and all but it seems like only last week I was reviewing the month of January! In all honesty not a lot has been going down around here. Besides enjoying a week off for half-term, which zoomed by, and then getting back in to the swing of things at college, I haven’t actually done an awful lot.

I have really been getting in to my cooking lately and I love discovering new recipes and cooking healthy meals for my family, although I have been spending a little too long in front of my laptop flicking through and bookmarking all of the amazing recipes that I want to try!

I’ve still been working out regularly and have started introducing weights in to my routine at the gym as I tend to concentrate a little too much on cardio, which is not a priority for me as I have a very petite frame. I’m trying to use weights more and do strength exercises such as yoga and Pilates to achieve a lean physique and strengthen my core and muscles.

I have been good with spending this month and have only treated myself to a few beauty bits from the Body Shop and some hair care essentials. I also went to see That Awkward Moment at the cinema and it was soo good! I love Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan and the film did not disappoint, it was so funny and I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

What have you been up to this month?

Holly xx

Home workout, green tea in my Tigger mug, berry lips, egg and avocado on toast – delicious! Haircare bits, scrambled egg with spinach and mushrooms, yummy treat, salmon, rice, sweet potato and veg cooked by yours truly, weights, rope, yoga mat and my feet :-) 

Lunchtime: carrot soup, wholemeal pitta and avocado, new River Island boots, green smoothie, Vogue: the best reading, workout selfie, H&M lip crayon, workout time, Body Shop miniature goodies, au natural make-up.

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