Saturday 3 August 2013

Skincare Essentials

I have always been told ‘look after your skin when you’re young and your skin will look after you when you’re old’. I have exfoliated and moisturised my skin since my early teens and can probably count the amount of times I have slept in my make-up on one hand – yuck! I cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously and make sure I have at least 2 make-up free days a week (usually Saturday and Sunday when I don’t have to leave the house!).
I love trying new skincare products but I also believe the best way to have a healthy, glowing complexion comes from what you put in to your body. I make sure I eat clean and keep treats to a minimum to keep my skin is happy. There is no product that can create a healthy appearance as well as a good diet and drinking lots of water.
The majority of what I eat is plant based with lots of fresh fruit, veggies, fish and I drink plenty of water and herbal tea. I do enjoy the odd treat but I keep sugar and processed foods to a minimum to avoid break outs. My diet not only benefits my hair and skin but my overall health. I have recently cut down on dairy as I was often feeling bloated and sluggish and suspected that the amount of dairy I was consuming was the cause. I now drink soya milk and eat soya yoghurts only, but I still have some dairy such as cheese or products that contain milk as an ingredient.

A typical evening meal for me is salmon, spinach, broccoli, peas and egg.
Although I believe having good skin is mainly down to your diet, there are also some products in my skin care routine that I swear by to keep my skin looking its best.

A recent discovery which really nourishes my skin and smells divine. The cream is light weight, non-greasy and moisturises deeply. I use this throughout the day when I’m not wearing makeup and my skin has been clearer and so soft since I started using it.
I have read many great reviews on this product and I agree with all of them! It is fantastic for removing traces of make-up that are not removed by a face wipe. It also works to tone skin and using this along with my moisturiser has made a noticeable difference and my skin looks glowing and healthier.
This scrub smells so refreshing. The grapefruit scent really wakes me up when I use it in the morning. I use this scrub in the shower, the beads exfoliate deep and remove the traces of make-up and dirt which clog up pores and cause break-outs. I have used facial scrubs in the past that have reacted badly with my skin and made my face blotchy but this one is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin while still exfoliating well and leaving soft, clean results.
Have you tried any of these products? What are your skin care essentials?
Holly xx

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