Thursday 5 December 2013

Top 10 Party dresses for the Festive Season

Christmas has got to be my favourite time of year. The fun music and films, delicious food and drink, pretty lights and decorations, time with family and of course presents all fill me with happiness and joy! Ok maybe I’m being a little over the top but I really do love Christmas :-)
Another highlight to the festive season are the parties. If you are a social butterfly like myself and have a diary that rivals that of Kate Moss (just kidding) then you may also love getting dolled up ready to dance the night away, perhaps enjoying one too many cocktails.
Here’s my top 10 party dresses that will make you look glitzy and glamorous, and be the highlight of any party you head to this season!
Holly xx


Sequin Mini Dress £250


Blue Sequin Dress £58


Pink Wrap Dress £29





Keep an eye out for a post coming soon on How to accessorize your LBD!

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