Sunday 15 December 2013

5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays

Christmas is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself, and it is normal for us to over-indulge and forget the diet for a few days. However it is easier than you think to enjoy treats and relax while still saying healthy during the holidays, which will help you feel less sluggish and bloated, and give you more energy enabling you have a better time altogether.
  1. Stay hydrated
Alcohol, sugar and salty snacks dehydrate the body and leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, by not drinking enough fluid you also risk getting dry skin and break-outs. Try drinking water throughout the day and if you are drinking alcohol, make sure you have one glass of water for each glass of alcohol. If you are suffering from bloating try adding a slice of lemon, especially first thing in the morning as it will alkalise your body, boost your energy and kick start your metabolism.
  1. Keep moving
With all of the great TV shows and films on it can be tempting to get comfy on the sofa and stay there for most of the day. Don’t make the mistake of becoming a Christmas couch potato! Burn some of those calories by getting the family together for a short walk and some fresh air after dinner, test out your new Wii games or play hide and seek with the kids, take 20 minutes out to do some yoga, have a dance to your new CD or simply work out using one of the many quick and easy videos available online. There are so many easy ways to stay active over Christmas, and even a small amount of exercise is better than nothing, and you will feel much better for it.
  1. Eat your fruit and veggies
Despite all of the wonderful festive food such as turkey, chocolate and salty snacks, traditional Christmas dishes can also be healthy. At dinner pile up your plate with delicious vegetables such as sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, parsnips and carrots. By eating more veggies you will be getting important vitamins and enzymes which will help your system to digest all of the other food, while also filling you up so you are less likely to over indulge on the other treats. Clementine’s, cranberries, oranges and dried fruits such as dates and figs are also widely available at this time of year, so make the most of them and enjoy them alongside the not so healthy stuff.
  1. Stay motivated
While it is natural to be more relaxed over the holidays and forget about your usual diet and fitness routine, it is important to still stay motivated and not just think ‘I’ll start again in January’. By doing this you could be jeopardising your health and making it even more difficult to get back to normal in the New Year, after all, healthy living is not just a Monday to Friday task – it’s a lifestyle. Encourage others to stay motivated by giving healthy gifts, get the whole family involved with a Zumba or dance game on the Wii or plan a walk somewhere. Even hitting the sales for a day of shopping is a good way to stay active.
  1. Moderation is key
While it is important to stay healthy during Christmas, no one is saying don’t have fun and enjoy a few treats, just don’t over-do it. By following the above tips and incorporating little changes in to your routine you will have more energy, and have an all-round better time without worrying about struggling to get back to normal in the New Year.

Eat, drink (in moderation) and be merry! Happy Christmas!
Holly xx

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