Tuesday 31 December 2013


Possibly my favourite month of the year! Despite the cold weather and overly busy shops - I just love the lead up to Christmas! The festive songs, films and food all put me in a great mood! And of course not forgetting the Christmas tree, which I decorated all on my own :-)

My Christmas shopping was completed early in December and I was very pleased with what I bought everyone! I also spent a lot of the month finishing college work so that I could enjoy the holidays and fitted in a couple of Christmas dos. My favourite was a festive night in with the girls where we ate a party buffet feast, watched Love actually and exchanged secret Santa presents! Staying in is definitely the new going out :-)

 Advent calendar, keeping warm by the fire with a book, getting my dose of fruit and veggies, partying with my best friend Annie, my Christmas tree, best breakfast: muesli, apricots, banana and blueberries, hot water and lemon every day, ready to hit the gym, cute Christmas gifts.

Supermodel reading material, black sparkly nails, Nuxe skincare, IT by Alexa Chung.


Christmas Day selfie ;-)

On Christmas morning I was so happy to wake up and discover the lovely stocking presents Santa had bought me, he knows me so well! After comparing them with my sister (a Christmas morning tradition) we got ready and drove to our dad’s house where we spent a couple of hours relaxing and opening presents.

Stocking presents.

Christmas dinner! 

When we got home mum had lit the fire and lunch was almost ready so we enjoyed a glass of bubbly and relaxed by the tree while listening to Christmas music and getting in to the festive spirit :-)

After a delicious dinner of salmon, trout and lots of veggies (my favourite) we opened our presents! Definitely worth the wait, I got some amazing gifts and loved seeing that everyone was happy with what I bought them.

Some of my lovely presents.

My sister & me.

After my two desserts had gone down (it is Christmas after all!) we took the dog for a long walk in the local park. When I got home I had a lush bubble bath with some of the new bath stuff I got and then the rest of the evening was spent curled on the sofa with various cheeses and chocolates. Am I the only one who was slightly disappointed by the awful TV selection this year?!

Christmas photo shoot haha.

My sister, Dad and me.

Mum and me.

Me and my Sister - I'm actually the oldest!

Opening presents! :-)

On Boxing Day we were up bright and early to travel to Kent to stay at my grandparents’ house which is a yearly tradition. My Aunty, Uncle and three younger cousins also stay there so it’s a full house but lovely to see everyone for the holidays and exchange more presents! 

On Friday we hit the sales in Canterbury which is a beautiful city and has some great shops too, I was loving the Zara sale! I managed to find a few bargains.

Now I’m back home, absolutely exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s sleep back in my own bed! I need to catch up ready for NYE!

How was your Christmas? Are you excited for New Years?

Holly xx

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