Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Birthday Wishlist

I would be very happy with this cake! 

My birthday is one week away, and despite having to spend the day on my own, wait until late evening to open any presents AND purchase my own birthday cake… I am fairly happy as Me-time is my favourite time and at least I can choose a decent cake! haha :-)

I’m being taken out for dinner by my dad in the evening so it’s not like I’m not doing anything on the day. I’m also praying the weather is nice at the weekend so I can have a celebratory night out with the girls and enjoy being one year older.

I wanted this birthday to be a little special as it will be my last one at home for the next few years before heading off to Uni in September, but unfortunately arranging something big hasn’t really been an option, so I’m keeping it low key. As long as I have my friends and family around me (and they buy me some decent presents! lol) I will be one happy girl! :-)

Here’s my birthday wishlist for anyone who is stuck for gift ideas ;-)

Holly xx

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