Saturday 8 June 2013

My Birthday!!

I celebrated my 22nd birthday last Tuesday and had such a fabulous day! I was spoiled by my friends and family and the weather was beautiful, unfortunately now I have the post birthday blues as I have to wait a whole year for it to be my special day again :-(
I started by enjoying a relaxing day at home, after breakfast and a nice lay in I went for a run in the park in the sunshine and then spent the afternoon sunbathing in my garden until my family arrived home from work - then it was time for presents!!
I love getting lots of little surprises rather than one big gift so I was delighted with the little bits and pieces I got along with some money from my mum and grandparents to put towards a new laptop!
After enjoying a glass of bubbly and present opening in the garden my mum, sister and I went for a delicious meal at Pizza Express. I chose one of their new Leggara pizzas with goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, anchovies and rocket salad – truly scrumptious! Although I was full I wanted to sample a dessert so opted for a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream which I regretted afterwards because I was so full and bloated and it was served cold which was disappointing as I much prefer this dessert warm.
My best friend Helen came to meet us afterwards for a couple of celebratory drinks, due to it being a Tuesday night and the girls having work the next day we didn’t plan for it to be a late one but we enjoyed a few cocktails and met these funny guys who kindly bought me a birthday pitcher :-)
I had the next day off of work too so enjoyed some more quality time alone, worked out at the gym and cheered myself up with some retail therapy – I had post birthday blues and was on a come down after all of the excitement from the previous day!
On the plus side I only had 2 days at work until the weekend and now I am excited to travel to Birmingham with the girls tonight for late birthday celebrations.
Let the partying commence!
Holly xx  
Chocolate fudge cake
Sunbathing, me & the sister, blowing out candles, birthday cake

Pretty flowers from my best friend


Some of my gifts <3 span="">

Flopsy bunny, OPI nail polish & Dior lipgloss, cocktails, Ruby, me & Helen

Cook book, peanut butter m&m’s, Yankee candle & truffles, photo frame
Birthday girl

Best friends

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