Friday 24 May 2013

What’s in my handbag?


I’m not sure about you but I love reading these posts. I like being nosey and seeing what other girls carry around with them in their handbags. I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink which is one reason why I love big handbags but if I am going on a night out I use a smaller clutch and only carry the essentials.

My current day time bag is one of my favourites and is from Zara. It’s a great size for me as I tend to just chuck items in when I’m on the go and this bag has room for everything. I love the nude colour as it goes with any outfit and is simple and chic.

Things I always carry with me are my i Phone, purse, make-up bag, lipgloss/lipstick and a mirror. I pretty much always carry make-up essentials with me for touch ups and a brush/comb and hairspray to fix my hair on the go. I always have a book or magazine with me because I love to read and also headphones and an MP3 player to listen to at the gym.

Mini hairspray – L’oreal Elnett
Lip gloss – Dior
Make-up bag - DKNY
Purse – Marc Jacobs
i Phone case - ASOS


Other bits and bobs that you may find floating around are an umbrella (you can never predict the great British weather), dry shampoo, perfume/spray, hand cream and chewing gum.

What are your handbag staples? Is there anything you just cannot be without?

Holly xx


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