Tuesday 21 May 2013

Birthday Wishlist

I hope I get a nice birthday cake like my sister did!

It is officially 2 weeks today until my 22nd birthday eek! As much as I am excited for my birthday it’s not a major deal this year compared to last year when I was turning 21. I still can’t get my head around the fact that I have lived for twenty two whole years – it just seems so surreal! I don’t have any big plans for my birthday this year, I have the day and the day after booked off of work naturally - I have never, ever worked on my birthday and I don’t plan to as long as I can help it. In my opinion your birthday is your day and even if you spend it at home alone, chillin’, watching movies and eating chocolate (possibly how my day will be spent) then so be it because it’s your day and it should be spent doing exactly what you want and not working!

My birthday falls on a Tuesday which is kind of rubbish as normally I am lucky and it falls on a Friday or Saturday so I can actually party on the day, but this year I am planning to go to Birmingham for a night out with a few of the girls the weekend after. I love Birmingham it has some great clubs, shops, restaurants and the people are so friendly – I have never had a bad night out there!

Any how the best thing about your birthday (apart from the cake) are the presents! As you get older most people give you money and vouchers which is great as you can buy what you want, but I still love having things to open! My favourite kind of presents are the cute little surprises that are things you love but wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, so I have compiled a list of gifts that I would love to un wrap on my day!

What is the best present you have ever received on your birthday? What will you be asking for this year?

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