Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I’ve never been a huge Halloween person. I used to enjoy trick or treating when I was younger and loved coming home with a big stash of sweets, but the whole dressing up/throwing a party thing has never really appealed to me. If I’m honest, I like to get Halloween and bonfire night out of the way and then look forward to the main event… CHRISTMAS!!
I think if I lived somewhere like the US where Halloween is a BIG deal and they treat it like a proper holiday then my opinion of it would change, but as it’s not that big here in the UK I’m not too fussed either way, although I have been looking forward to watching Hocus Pocus!
Anyway, this year I was invited to a Halloween party with a few of my best friends and it was actually a great night. Some of the costumes were really cool and the make-up was amazing! They put my measly cat outfit to shame haha! We enjoyed a few drinks, had a dance to some Halloween tunes and had an all-round fab night J
Heres some of the pics…




How are you celebrating Halloween? Are you dressing up?
Holly xx

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