Saturday 6 July 2013

How to have the perfect Girl’s Night In

Sometimes I love nothing better than a night in with my girls. As much as I do like going out to party, when I have had a busy or stressful week at work and am left feeling tired and lacking energy, or perhaps the weather outside is less than pleasant – a cosy night in filled with films, gossip, PJ’s and yummy snacks sounds much more appealing.
The first step in the preparations is a DTL – date, time, location.  This can actually be the hardest part of the planning. If your group of friends are anything like mine and have schedules to rival Madonna’s it can be such a challenge finding a date that everyone can make. Friday or Saturday nights are always the days of choice so that we can watch movies and gossip in to the night without worrying about having to be up early for work the next morning.
A key part of any party/social event is of course the food and drink. There are so many options for your night – you could have a themed night such as Mexican or Tapas and all take a dish, or you could order pizza or a take-out of your choice. My favourite is for everyone to take a different dish and then have a good mixture of everything. Why not bake a batch of cookies or a cake to take along? Snacks are also important for a movie night so the best things to have are crisps and dips, popcorn, ice cream and lots of sweeties!
Drinks wise you could have wine and cocktails if you fancy alcohol, or why not make your own alcoholic/virgin cocktails? If not then a selection of drinks is a good choice to make sure there is something to please everyone.


Obviously the main activity goes without saying – a good old gossip. With our busy lifestyles my group of friends don’t always have time to get together very often, so when we do it’s a major event and there’s always lots of catching up to do!
Another favourite is pampering - face masks, manicures, pedi’s and whatever else you fancy! It’s all about comfort and girl-time so pyjamas are essential – or in my friend’s case there is a strict onesie dress code!
Next up you need a good movie selection. In my opinion rom-com’s and comedies are the best! I love a film that has everyone in stitches or with a tear in their eye wishing they had a perfect, romantic boyfriend like the one from the movie haha. If you’re feeling brave opt for a classic horror and see who gets scared.

My top 10 Girls Girl’s Night In movies
How to lose a guy in 10 days
I give it a year
Sex and the City
Role models
American Pie
He’s just not that in to you
Mean girls
Hangover 1,2 & 3
Bridget Jones diary
So I think that covers everything you need to have a fabulous night in, can you think of anything I have missed? What do you like doing when you get together with the girls?
Holly xx

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