Saturday, 20 July 2013

Currently loving…

I am currently loving these gorgeous pink suede peep-toe heels from Nelly. How cute are they especially for summer? They come in 4 shades but my favourite are the pink - I ended up buying the black ones simply because they were half price. All of the other colours are £47.95 and unfortunately I am on a budget and wanted to treat myself to a few other bits too so the pink were out of my price range - gutted :-(
Ah well I still love the shoes and I guess black goes with anything so let’s hope I still love them when they arrive!
I have spent about 2.5 hours browsing through every page of the Nelly website this morning – how have I not discovered this before?! On second thoughts perhaps that’s a good thing as I may have ran up some debt. Anyway check it out they have some amazing pieces and great prices :-)
Holly xx

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