Sunday 5 October 2014


Apologies on the lateness of this post, however as you may be able to tell September has been an extremely busy month for me! For starters on September 19th I moved to my new home, Nottingham, to begin my life as a journalism student at Nottingham Trent Uni. Exciting stuff! 

The first week was spent settling in, meeting new people, finding my way around the city and attending induction lectures before my actual lessons started last week.

So far I am loving uni life, although I will admit there have been a few tears and at points I have felt extremely overwhelmed, exhausted and lost. But I realise those feelings are all a normal part of settling in and now that I am beginning to find my feet I am feeling a little better and am definitely keen to get started!

I have enjoyed discovering new places around the city, shopping with the added perks of student discount, drinks and parties with my new flat mates and the great yoga and Pilates classes at my new gym.

With bonfire night, Halloween and cosy jumper weather approaching, I am looking forward to October and I hope that it will be another fabulous month :-)

Do you have any plans for this month? Are you excited for Autumn?

Holly xx

Some highlights from the last month...

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