Thursday, 10 July 2014

Going blonder

After having dark hair for so long I decided it was time to go more towards my natural colour which is dark blonde. It has taken a long time for the colour to grow out and fade but with the help of the summer sun and L'Oreal's new sunkiss jelly I was finally ready for a trip to the salon.

I wanted some subtle golden highlights through my hair and a good couple of inches cut off of the ends - which due to not being cut for a long time were in desperate need of it!

At first the stylist was unsure about the highlights as the colour would look much lighter on the fresh hair at the top of my head compared to the coloured hair at the bottom, but after testing some colour we decided it would be fine and the end result turned out even better than expected :-)

To finish the look my hair was cut and styled with some loose beachy waves which gave a lovely texture and completed the summery look I wanted.

I am so happy with my lighter hair and have bought the John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo, conditioner and mousse to help enhance the colour and keep it in good condition so look out for a review on these soon!

Have you gone from dark to blonde? Can you recommend any good products for lighter hair? What summer styles are you loving?

Holly xx

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