Saturday 26 July 2014

10 ways to feel happy every day

Sometimes the littlest things can have a negative impact on our emotions and leave us feeling down. With a few small changes you can overcome the negativity and feel healthy, happy and cheerful every day.


Even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing, smiling tricks your brain into thinking that you are happy and has been scientifically proven to improve your emotional state and make you feel happier. Even when alone make sure you have a big grin on your face!

Start the day right

Rushing in the morning can set the day off badly. Make your breakfast and lunch the night before and prepare your clothes and daily essentials. Get up 15 minutes earlier to allow yourself time to wake up properly and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Practise gratitude

Take a moment to list all of the things that you are thankful for, sometimes it really is the little things that make a difference. Try thinking of 3 things that make you happy each morning or write a list of positive things that happened during the day before bed.

Give a compliment

Be kind and compliment someone new each day. Being nice will not only make someone else feel good but will also leave you feeling better, and you may even get a compliment in return which is a bonus.

Take the stairs

Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel good. Small changes such as taking the stairs, getting off the bus a stop early or going on a short walk at lunchtime can count towards your recommended 30 minutes each day and make you feel happier.


Mess and clutter subconsciously make us feel stressed. Take some time to have a clear out and create space. Whether its spring cleaning your house or organising your work desk. Decluttering will provide a feeling of accomplishment and create a positive environment.

Take a break

Sit quietly for 15 minutes or take a short walk, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Make sure all other thoughts are pushed aside and focus on what you can hear, smell and feel. This short meditation exercise is a quick way to relax and recharge when you’re feeling stressed.

Sing and dance

Singing and dancing are associated with being happy and joyful. Similarly to smiling our brain associates these activities with being happy which will automatically enhance your mood. The dancing will release the same feel-good endorphins that we experience when exercising.

Try something new

Whether it’s a new breakfast option, a different drink to your usual coffee or an alternative route home. Variety is key and it’s important to mix things up and break the routine. If you’re feeling adventurous why not sign up for a new class such as cooking, gardening or learn a language.

Switch off

Most of us are constantly surrounded by technology and it can be hard to escape. Try spending at least 1 hour a day without it. Turn off your phone, computer and appreciate your surroundings. Relax in a bubble bath, read a book or enjoy some delicious food.

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