Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Inecto Naturals Coconut range

I was recently contacted by Inecto to try out their newly-launched Naturals Coconut range.

Inecto are a British beauty brand who focus on 100% natural beauty using only sustainably sourced ingredients and organic oils. 

All of their products are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and are never tested on animals.

The Naturals Coconut range includes products for both the hair and body which aim to smooth, nourish, cleanse and add shine while indulging your senses in the delicious scent of natural coconut oil.

Being a lover of all things coconut I couldn't wait to try out the Very Smoothing body oil. 

The fact that Inecto products are made using all natural ingredients that are not tested on animals is an added bonus - I am always keen to use products made using good quality, ethically sourced ingredients when possible.

The Very Smoothing body oil did not disappoint. Its sweet, nutty scent is utterly delicious and left my skin smelling good enough to eat! Unlike some coconut flavoured products which can smell highly synthetic and more like an air freshener than the actual fruit - this oil is the opposite and smells rich and decadent just as a coconut should.

The oil absorbed instantly and wasn't at all greasy which meant I could get dressed more or less straight away. My skin felt soft and nourished after use and was left with a healthy glow which made me look and feel instantly better.

Hello Hydration Coconut Hair Treatment

I usually wash my hair 1-2 times a week and always use an intense conditioning treatment on the ends. It gets dry and knotty very easily so I find that products specifically for dry/damaged hair work best for me.

The Hello Hydration conditioner is the perfect consistency - not too thick but not too runny - the texture is nice and creamy and a small amount goes a long way so I can imagine one bottle will last a while. 

The scent is just as delicious as the oil and made my showering time all the more enjoyable. I left the treatment on for 4 minutes before rinsing, then applied the hair oil when my hair was 70% dry before finishing with a hairdryer.

My hair had fewer tangles after using the treatment which made styling quicker and much less of a chore.

I am always wary when using oil as my hair can get greasy easily. I started off using a small amount of the Divine Shine oil and applied it through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair when it was damp before blow drying and styling.

I tend to let my hair air dry around 70% then finish with a hair dryer and use a smoothing product to avoid it being too frizzy. This oil delivered a similar result to the OGX Keratin treatment I usually use and left my hair looking sleek and frizz free, and not weighed down or greasy.

The oil is dispersed using a small pump which makes applying very easy and prevents too much coming out at once, which can often be a problem. The scent is almost identical to the conditioning treatment and body oil, so again smells absolutely delicious -I could still smell it a few hours later.

Once dry my hair was beautifully soft and nourished, and both the oil and conditioning treatment delivered their promises and left my hair smoother, softer and more manageable after use.

I would definitely recommend both products to those with fine/normal hair like myself, who require products that nourish and de-frizz without weighing it down.

Have you tried any products from the Inecto range? Which are your favourites?

Holly xx

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