Friday, 22 May 2015

Birthday wishlist

So it's my birthday in under 2 weeks (June 4th FYI) and I'm going to be turning 24 eek!

I know 24 is young but inside I feel like I am still 18.

Oh to be a care-free teenager again without the worries of grown up things like bills, healthcare, laundry and acting like a respectable member of society (ahem!).

None the less another year older is another year wiser, and when I look back at my life so far I feel blessed for the opportunities I have had, the moments I've been lucky enough to experience and all of the great memories I will cherish until the day I die.

Soppy bit aside, here's a few ideas for all of those struggling to think of what to get me ;-)

Lots of love

Holly xxx

Beautysets - Birthday Wishlist

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