Sunday 26 April 2015

Nutri Advanced Probiotics

I started 2015 with a list of new years resolutions and health goals, one of which was to take better care of my body on the inside and out. While I've always been relatively healthy and like to think I eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise, like most people I often fall off the wagon and find myself feeling sluggish and unmotivated, and it can be hard to get back on track. 

I was contacted by Nutri Advanced, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of health food supplements, who advised me about the benefits of nutritional supplements and how they can improve health and wellbeing.

I opted for the GiSol Probiotic Capsules which claim to promote healthy digestion by balancing flora in the gut and supporting the digestive process. Studies have shown that including probiotics in your daily diet can significantly improve gut health by increasing the levels of 'good' bacteria in your body.

I have been taking the supplements for two weeks and while there have been no major changes, I have noticed a slight improvement such as a flatter stomach and improved digestion. I plan to take them for at least one month before expecting to see a noticeable difference, however with the scientific evidence backing the benefits of probiotics they are definitely something I am keen to continue.

Nutri's nutritionists advise: “Most people should notice an improvement in gut symptoms after taking GiSol for 2 weeks, although the time it takes to rebalance gut flora varies from person to person. Most feel a difference in 2 weeks but we’d suggest staying on the product for at least 4 weeks in total.”

Have you tried probiotics before? What were your experiences?

Holly xx

*PR sample

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