Sunday 24 March 2013

Elf Beauty Haul

Elf  is one of the few high street beauty brands that I haven’t tried, but after reading numerous reviews and blog posts about it I was intrigued to check out their website and see what they had to offer.

There is a detailed description and a selection of photos provided for each product on the site so you can see clearly what the item looks like and have a good idea of the colour, there is also an option to read other customer’s reviews which I always find helpful.

Elf stands for eyes, lips, face so as you can imagine there is a wide selection of products to choose from and they all come in cute, chic packaging which I love. The brand really defines the term budget beauty as prices start from as little as £1.50 and most products are under £5. The shipping and delivery costs are also very reasonable which is something I always look for when shopping online.

Facial whip, nail polish and studio lip gloss.

My favourite buy has to be the Shimmering facial whip. I don’t usually use a highlighter when applying my make-up base but after trying this it will definitely be part of my party make-up routine. It creates a gorgeous glow – especially when applied on the apples of your cheeks along with a peachy-pink blush. I also love the Eye shimmer palette. I adore make-up with shimmer and sparkle and after lip gloss; eye shadow is my favourite product. I love trying new looks and blending different shades and colours, the shades in this palette are so pretty and blend really well to make eyes pop out.

Shimmer palette.

I was slightly disappointed with the Mineral lipstick. The packaging and texture of the lipstick are both fabulous, and the stick is moisturising and easy to apply but the colour disappointed me. I chose shade ‘Party Pink’ – which on the website looks like a medium pink tone somewhere between baby/nude and bright pink which is the shade I was looking for. Unfortunately it’s duller and darker than I was expecting so I’m not too sure about it, but I guess this could change after I wear it out with a full face of make-up? I wish I had chosen another shade now as there are so many pretty ones! Ah well there’s always next time…

Mineral lipstick.
As a whole shopping with Elf beauty  was a good experience and I certainly enjoyed the (pretty long) time I spent looking through the pages on their site and being spoilt for choice over what to buy. This is always a good sign as variety is the spice of life! I was impressed with the fast delivery, low prices and the fact that the quality of the make-up is just as good – if not better than some more expensive brands that I have tried. I strongly recommend Elf and I will definitely be shopping with them again.

Have you tried any Elf products before? Can you recommend any other good beauty brands to try?

Holly xx


  1. You look so gorgeous. I really need to buy more from elf, everyone raves about their brushes! Definitely need to check out their website after the good experience you had

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  2. Thanks hun, yes definitely recommend it! Let me know what you buy :-) xx